About ABS Auto Auctions

ABS Auto Auctions is a Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Auto Auction Company specializing in the remarketing of New Car Dealer trade-ins and frontline inventory through the use of three distinct programs:

1) The ABS Sealed Bid Auctions - the system our dealers use to wholesale their unwanted trade-ins. 

2) Frontline Live - an all inclusive program used to buy/sell frontline inventory.

3) ABS OpenTrade - the most technologically advanced online LIVE AUCTION platform in the industry.

Sealed Bid Auction
Founded in 1992, ABS offers the largest sealed bid auto auction in the country. Our system consistently delivers the most money for your wholesale inventory in the least time. Our time-proven process involves a sealed bid auction, state-of-the-art online functions, and a commitment to world-class customer service.

Currently, over 600 new car dealers sell 40,000+ vehicles a year to our 1700+ registered buyers using ABS. For over 20 years, ABS Auto Auctions has continually improved with one idea in mind: To increase your profits and simplify remarketing efforts.

ABS provides virtually every service of major live-auctions at about one-third the cost. Our systems require a fraction of the time with better overall results and are far more effective (and secure) than hand wholesaling one-on-one between buyer and seller.

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Bid Sale Overview

Frontline Live
The utlimate, one-stop marketplace for buying and selling frontline inventory from booksheets. Buy or sell front line inventory online 24/7 or simply call/fax for personalized service.

Buyers and sellers agree – the ABS auction system is truly a win-win!

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Frontline LIVE

ABS OpenTrade
ABS OpenTrade auctions provide buyers with access to fresh trade-ins the moment they become available. OpenTrade partners with an expansive network of franchise dealerships and we bring all of your DESIRED INVENTORY directly to you. Our patented auction systems are the fastest, most efficient way to find and get what you are looking for. The OpenTrade technology platform is taking ABS Auto Auctions to the next level and changing the way dealers buy and sell wholesale inventory.

ABS OpenTrade