ABS Frontline LIVE

The best way to find the right frontline vehicles.
The best way to sell your frontline vehicles.

ABS Frontline Live is the ultimate one-stop marketplace for buying and selling frontline inventory from booksheets, designed to fit every dealer's every need.

Need to move inventory off the lot? ABS Frontline Live offers total convenience for sellers. ABS Frontline Live lets you keep your vehicles on your lot, available for sale, even while the bidding is going on.

Looking to add fast-selling inventory to your frontline? ABS Frontline Live presents over 700 vehicles each week, while you avoid the fumes, the noise and the elements. Make your bids in a comfortable, energetic setting, knowing that every car, truck and SUV has been smog- and safety-checked, ready to sell on your lot. And you can trust the booksheet because we do the inspection, not the seller, so you really know what you're getting.

We take care of everything: Buyers pay us, and we pay sellers, assuring fast guaranteed payment. We make transportation arrangements, and we manage any arbitration fairly and firmly. It's energetic. It's value driven. Try it today.

Whether you seek maximum exposure for your cars or maximum opportunity to buy the best, this is the place! ...Your Lot Without Limits! Every Wednesday at 11 AM.  ABS Frontline Live gives you even more choices:

Simulcast Bidding – Live, From Your Desktop
If you can’t attend the auction in person, no problem. Just register and we’ll include you in the bidding directly from your own PC. It’s easy and time-saving. And you still get all the benefits of our safe, licensed booksheet auction program. To watch a tutorial on HOW OUR LIVE SIMULCAST WORKS, CLICK HERE.

Proxy Bidding – Absolute Convenience
You can place your bid even if you’re not around. With Proxy Bidding, you can set your bid limit, in increments of $100, for any vehicle in our auction. We’ll notify you of your “wins” after the Auction is over. It doesn’t get more convenient than that.

FastMatch Direct - Personalized Service

Join over 400 Southern California new car dealers and simplify your life with ABS Live’s FastMatch Direct. It’s so easy - Buyers simply tell us what they're looking for today. We search our database of over 700 vehicles from new car dealers to find what you want. Sellers tell us what inventory is available now and we add it to our database, exposing it to our entire network of new car dealers.

As fresh inventory is entered, our system will automatically fax you the booksheet and/or we will call you with the information on anything that is a match to your hot list.

Additional Benefits -

Automatic Transportation

Once a bid is accepted, transportation is automatically arranged. The ABS system selects the local transportation provider and issues a purchase order. The vehicle will be delivered to the buyer’s lot within 48 hours.

48 Hour Inspection Period
Buyer has 48 hours from receipt of vehicle to inspect seller’s representation of the vehicle, at which point the sale becomes final.

Guaranteed Sale
ABS guarantees all sales. If, for any reason, a buyer is unable to complete the purchase of a properly represented vehicle, ABS will honor the high bid and purchase the vehicle.

Guaranteed Funds

Buyers pay ABS and ABS pays sellers directly. ABS checks are fully insured and guaranteed. No chasing your money!

More Bidders
In addition to our network of 600+ franchise new car dealers, ABS adds 2000+ independent used car dealers to the bidding pool, insuring unprecedented exposure for your inventory.

More Vehicles – Fresh Trade-Ins
Dealers are invited to include fully disclosed, quality, fresh trade-ins: three years old or less, with less than 50k miles (separate run list and policies apply).

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