Bid Sale

The ABS bid sale provides an opportunity for Franchise New Car Dealers to offer their trade-ins to Independent Used Car Dealers and wholesalers through a fair, efficient, sealed bid licensed, bonded, and insured auction environment.

Each week, ABS offers over 1100 highly desirable, new car dealer trade-ins and aged frontline inventory through our 10 locations. Every vehicle is carefully displayed, numbered and grouped by dealer. Booksheet appears in each window.

These conveniently located auctions dramatically cut travel time and are extremely well attended. On average over 100 buyers attend and bid during each sale.

The entire program is also offered online, via any internet connection. Bidders may view booksheets and photographs of each vehicle and submit bids in a secure environment.

ABS is a full service auction, dedicated to serving our dealers. Everything is provided including pre-auction marketing, valuation assistance, transportation, wash services, security, arbitration, and DMV paperwork.

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Buyers and sellers agree, ABS offers one of the most efficient and fair auctions anywhere.

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