Bid Sale BUYER Details

Bid Sale Buyer Services
The Key to Increasing Sales and Profits, is How You Buy. ABS Auto Auctions is a full-service, sealed bid auto auction that levels the playing field for you.

Inspection Guarantee
With our Revolutionary ABS Inspection Guarantee Program, you can now effectively bid online, sight unseen! We carefully, thoroughly inspect every vehicle, and then we prepare a detailed report documenting any and all damage. Each vehicle is then booked and photographed, and all details and photos are posted to the ABS website.  For more information about how our Inspection Guarantee Program works, CLICK HERE.

Power Search
ABS Power Search allows you to quickly and easily search our entire database for specific vehicles that you are interested in. Set and save commonly used search filters so its quick and easy to find vehicles that you like to focus on each week. Power Search gives you the ability to shop at all of our locations without leaving your desk!  For more info on Power Search, CLICK HERE.

Buyer Shield
ABS Auto Auction proudly provides Buyer Shield Limited Powertrain protection on most vehicles sold through our auctions, at NO additional charge.  Buyer Shield provides revolutionary coverage to both the purchasing DEALER (90 days/500 miles, as long as the vehicle is in dealer inventory - ANY dealer's inventory) and the ultimate RETAIL CONSUMER (90 days/3000 miles from the date of retail sale).  For more information regarding  the Buyer Shield program, CLICK HERE.

An impartial, efficient, organized system for acquiring hard to find, desirable trade-ins and front line inventory from New Car Dealers without the issues involved in dealing direct.

Weekly sales are held where all vehicles from participating New Car Dealers are grouped together at one central location. Here you have two full days (9:00 – 5:00) to inspect and bid on between 100-300 vehicles per sale.  Our Frontline Live Booksheet Sale is located in Corona, CA.  ABS has NINE other Bid Sale locations throughout Southern California, Northern California, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada.

Professional Administration
All sales are staffed and administered by ABS to assist you and save valuable time. Policies and procedures are in writing and strictly adhered to. Arbitration is handled by ABS on your behalf. Do not get stuck with a problem again (frame damage, miles altered, title work, etc.).

Advance List
The online Advance List includes muyltiple photos, a book sheet, and 90 day comparison lookups for each vehicle – all available at the click of a button. Additionally, the Advance List may be faxed or emailed to you the day before each sale.

Online Bidding
Enjoy the ease and security of online bidding from your office, home or from any internet connection including hot spots at all ABS auction locations. Online bidding closes at 3:30 on the final sale day of each week’s sale. You may also bid in the LIVE OpenTrade auction which starts promptly at 3:30 pm on the last sale day each week.  Want to know more about how our online bidding system works?  CLICK HERE.

ABS OpenTrade auctions provide buyers with access to fresh trade-ins the moment they become available. OpenTrade partners with an expansive network of franchise dealerships and we bring all of your DESIRED INVENTORY directly to you. Our patented auction systems are the fastest, most efficient way to find and get what you are looking for. The OpenTrade technology platform is taking ABS Auto Auctions to the next level and changing the way dealers buy and sell wholesale inventory. Want to know more about how ABS OpenTrade? CLICK HERE

Results & Reports
Current and historical sale results and market reports are available online, via fax or email.

Second Chance Sales
Second chance sales run the day following each auction. They are special four hour sales where all ‘no sale’ vehicles are offered with a conditional sale amount designated by the seller. This allows you to know “what it takes” to buy each vehicle.  Want to know more about how our Second Chance Sales work?  CLICK HERE.

Paperwork Made Easy
Paperwork flow is similar to traditional auctions. Title transfers directly to ABS. Buyers remit to ABS who pays sellers. ABS completes the auction report of sale (DMV).


Your check (o.a.c.) is negotiated when title is ready. There are no holds placed on your titles.  We also have an ACH payment option available as well. 

Floorplan Program
ABS offers credit lines to all qualified buyers through our own finance company, ABS Finance, allowing you to floorplan vehicles purchased at any ABS auction.  Want to know more about getting a flooring line with ABS Finance?  CLICK HERE.

Quality Program
A quality program with a low buy fee. Over 2,000 Used Car Dealers are currently buying over 70,000 vehicles a year at our 9 Bid Sale locations, Frontline LIVE auction and through our online platforms.

It’s easy! CLICK HERE or call (800) 378.0277 to register.