ABS History

Founded in 1993 by our President, Tom Harmon, ABS has evolved from the humble beginnings of a single bid sale in San Bernardino, CA to the nation's largest "Sealed-Bid" Auto Auction, now with 9 Bid Sale locations in the Southwest United States (California, Oregon, Nevada, and Arizona). We also now have our own finance company, ABS Finance, which provides flooring lines to our dealers from $10,000 up to $1,000,000.
Our system consistently delivers the most money for your wholesale inventory in the least time. Our time-proven processes, technology and innovative systems involve a sealed bid auction, state-of-the-art online functions, a new online LIVE auction, and a commitment to world-class customer service.

Currently, over 600 new car dealers sell 70,000+ vehicles a year to our 2000+ registered buyers using ABS auction programs. For over 22 years, ABS systems have continually improved with one idea in mind: To increase your profits and simplify remarketing efforts.

Today, ABS Auto Auctions employs over 200 people in four states at ten different locations including our new, state-of-the-art corporate facility and Frontline Live theater located in sunny Corona, CA. 

The success of ABS Auto Auctions comes from our proprietary "sealed bid" auction system that benefits both our dealership sellers and wholesale buyers in unique ways. ABS benefits our selling dealers by exposing their inventory to literally hundreds of buyers every week through our local bid sales, Frontline LIVE book-sheet sale, online bidding system and our new online LIVE AUCTION platform called OpenTrade. This ensures us that our sellers get their vehicles in front of the buyer who will pay the MOST for their wholesale merchandise.

We benefit our BUYERS by providing a massive selection of fresh, new car dealership trade-ins at all of our auctions and online every week at 9 different bid sale locations. Buyers are sure to find the right type and price range of vehicle that will work perfectly for their own retail or wholesale operations.

ABS Auto Auctions - Mission

ABS Auto Auctions will provide superior service to our dealers that is unparalleled in the auto industry. We will conduct ourselves in a courteous, personable and professional manner at every opportunity. Our intention is to build goodwill with our dealers, by developing long term relationships through competence, flexibility and innovation. The bottom line; we will do everything we can to help our dealers succeed in business.